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Celebrity Fights: Fans Punched in 2009 – Year In Review http Being in the limelight means you’ll constantly be tested by both fans and haters. Here are 2009’s top 5 Celebs Who Snapped & Hit back 5. pro-wrestler Chris Jericho punched & spat at a female heckler after an WWE event in Canada 4. Wale flipped the fitted cap off a front row heckler who told him to get off the stage at Sneaker Pimps NYC show 3. Gucci Mane pushes then punches a female fan who interrupted his performance 2. Pit Bull pulled a fan on stage and then when the fan started throwing money, pit bull snuffed him 1. Kid Cudi, during a show in vancouver on the leg of the lady gaga tour, a fan threw a wallet on stage, cudi threw it back in the audience,then when the wallet got thrown back on stage again! cudi jumped into the pit and started swinging on the guy who threw it back on the stage. Hosted by Wahidah Fowler. These do not represent the views of Jump Off TV. Music:

NeNe fights Latoya Jackson on The Apprentice 2011 !!! :O

Nene Calls La Toya Jackson Casper the Ghost on Celebrity Apprentice LaToya Jackson Talks about Nene & Star Jones celebrity fights celebrity apprentice fight NeNe the ghetto trash


  1. kelanhall14 says:

    The first girl no, but the other 3 of them deserved it. Especially Gucci’s girl. They were blatantly disrespectful. Gucci’s girl “waaallkked oonnn staaaagge” in the middle of his performance and stood right in front of him,some random whore,trying to make a scene.Bicth you deserved the push. And to stand there as if you were gonna fight him, w/ your chest poked out,you deserved to get at least 1 nice shot to knock some sense into your ignorant ass. You can’t victimize them when they deserved it!

  2. HighandMighty90 says:

    If a man hits a girl first… thats bad!
    If a man is hit by a girl first then feel free to hit back! After all your being a gentleman for letting her take it to that physical level first.

  3. oTweaks420x says:

    lol at the top 2 comments

  4. Fuckinletmeinyoushit says:

    Yo, who is this lady. Damn.

  5. Fuckinletmeinyoushit says:

    If you don’t stop being beautiful! With to over the top cute self.

  6. xxletmeloveu90xx says:

    guccie u a bitch try that shit n meridian ms and the black beat off yo fat ass thats on everything

  7. GreatGarloo says:

    Cutti….Gucci Man….ha ha ha! what a bunch of losers!

  8. lushlover101 says:

    The reason he got mad wen the wallet was thrown is cuz thats disrespect to give some one money when they dont need it it takes down all hes worked for in a way

  9. COREYMCGUIRE1993 says:

    we all now how shes got this job… dicksucker, fucking retard cant even talk properly

  10. hiwassup69 says:

    Pitbull was the shizness on this.. he did a one hitta quitta..

  11. Bahaha 1:35 She got laid down. lol


  13. Gucci Mane and Jericho are both pussies for hitting females

  14. OldSchoolgamerNZ says:

    @taloca121 That kind of overreaction will send you straight to prison for assault, I mean its just a wallet. It’s not like its a harmful weapon, just ignore it or throw it in the bin would be a more appropriate and reasonable response.

  15. @OldSchoolgamerNZ I’d would have snuffed him If he was throwing his crap on my stage while I was performing!

  16. OldSchoolgamerNZ says:

    Swinging on someone just because they throw their own wallet on stage? Kid Cudi your a fag

  17. YounggCarl says:

    Nigga got owned by Pitbull

  18. woman provake the guys in fighting them

  19. Rip Pitbull

  20. @dirtballjohnny RIGHT!!!!!

  21. lovely lips..mmmmmmm

  22. YounggCarl says:

    Hah Kid Cudi goes hard, (no homo)

  23. Batiatis007 says:

    He punched a girl and so what???? Y’all should shut da f***k up

  24. that bitch shouldn’t have put her hands on him……oh and …you know roid rage …. :/

  25. ProLikeJack says:

    @tuki1boo good for u :)

  26. panicattackman20 says:

    latoya your torn from 2 different clothes but you grew up in a shack in the ghetto so shut the fuck up

  27. CoolVideoWatcher101 says:

    but why is everyone happy that nene was acting like a stupid bitch

  28. Rosalia100100 says:

    @marieree1973 True.

  29. moochie123ism says:

    the jackson is so ugly


    All I got to say is those Jackson have great smiles. 0:46

  31. jazzifresh26 says:

    So funny she called her ghost I was cracking up. Omg I’m dying so funny (ghost) hahaha!

  32. blackvenomnicole says:

    Nene is so weak!!! All she can do is yell! Hahahaha!! She didn’t make herself look any better than Latoya by yelling! Latoya acted like an adult and didn’t have to stoop down to Nene’s level!! How dare she talk about the Jackson’s?!! I would fucking tear her ass up if I was there! I hate stupid bitches like Nene!!!! Love the Jacksons <3

  33. ManLykStryda99 says:

    ”If you don’t like it go in the bathroom go and hide”

    ”Disappear Ghost”

    ”You are very old and you need to play your age and not twelve, your an old lady”


  34. marieree1973 says:

    She called Latoya old. But she looks way better then Ne Ne does. Look at Latoya’s body compared to Ne Ne. Case closed.

  35. MiriamAmaral15 says:


  36. HAHAHA la toya look like a ghost!! gooo nene

  37. BaddestBitch242 says:


  38. No matter what Nene is the best!!! Love her she reminds me of me exposing those that are fake!!! LOL

  39. Nene exposes fake people and speaks her mind. We need more people like her. REAL.

  40. M747202172763 says:

    I feel bad for the deaf girl who needs a translation for things like this

  41. MrYoungswagga98 says:

    poor latoya )=

  42. Disappear, ghost!

  43. mntm8winner says:

    nene is right its a lil fucked up but the truth hurts latoya looked like she wanted to cry after hahaha smh

  44. 4kitty1now says:

    It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, how you communicate reflects who and what you are. Attacking people is ineffective.

  45. HunnyNetWork says:

    lmao at Nene, not many people could say they came for a Jackson, hilarious.

  46. karmaBYOTCH says:


  47. lilgeorge333 says:

    I LOVE NENE hahahahhahaha shes so hillairous!

  48. varhanzboo says:

    She aint scared to step to a JACKSON ! oooh shitt

  49. ManLykStryda99 says:

    Hythe? lool

  50. The only reason you gotten this far is because of you last name
    and you faked it for 50 years
    you are very old
    you need to play your age and not twelve
    your a old lady.

    OMG….dwl .hahahahahahahah

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