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Cool Celebrity Fights images

Some cool celebrity fights images:

Celebrity Eating Disorders: “Daniel Johns”
celebrity fights
Image by tollieschmidt
Daniel Johns:
In mid-2004, Daniel Johns interviewed on ABC Television and talked about his struggles with anorexia. After finally winning the battle with anorexia, Daniel Johns had also had to fight arthritis only 2 years later.
From My Website Dedicated To: Teen Empowerment: Anorexia-Depression-Obesity-Body Image-Weight Loss-Diet.

The "Illusion" Teen Anorexia-Eating Disorders-Depression:

Tollie Schmidt lived his life as the fat kid. His weight reached over 500 pounds. Losing over 300 pounds of fat, Tollie struggled with bulimia and became a personal trainer. Today, Tollie’s a highly sought after International Speaker, Author, Producer and Dreamer. Today our Youth have a voice for change.
(Empowering Greatness for a Dream-Infused Life).
The "Illusion" Teen Anorexia-Eating Disorders-Depression:
Tollie’s Teen Empowerment Site

Teen Anorexia-Eating Disorders-Depression and Suicide Video Series On YouTube:

Latest Video: “Teen Sex & Body Image The Result Depression and Suicide Illusion”

Simon Van Kempen & Allex Mccord- Fighting Leukemia With Fashion Event 2011
celebrity fights
Image by MoniqueTatum
Fighting Leukmia with Fashion Runway Show June 23rd- photo Credit : Michael Yorkes Photography

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