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Crazy Celebrities!

Who’s your favorite celebrity and why? Leave you comments in the comment section below! “LIKE” me on Facebook! Thank you so much for SUBBIN, FAVORITIN, THUMBS UPIN, & LEAVING YOUR COMMENTS! ;D B-PAX Rare Interview with Nick Nolte going crazy on Brittany Murphy. Calls himself, Garry Busey. Nathan Lane also appears.
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  1. gayboy012345 says:

    gotta love the drunk peeps lol id have to go with Jay Manuel from americas next top model omg he is dreamy lol

  2. retailjunkies says:

    @radtwelve Love you, RadTwelve!

  3. retailjunkies says:

    @1LeaMen1 I miss you 1LeaMen1. Come back to enjoy more videos and comment! :D

  4. YourRealitySucks says:

    LOL you wanna be straight?…. yeah…. no you don’t. no… im lying lol these are great x)

  5. retailjunkies says:

    @miles2057 Sofia Vergara! 😀 PS: Please favorite this video so more people can check it out. Love ya, Miles!

  6. how do u spell the name of the chic the guy is talking about at 0.23 seconds, i wanna see what she’s been in and what she’s all about. see how sexy she is!

  7. retailjunkies says:

    @RitaProductions94 Thank you for the support. It is much needed!!!

  8. retailjunkies says:

    @claritakrist Can I just say this is one of my favorite comments! Thank you for the amazing support! TONS more videos to come! My goal is to have 52 episodes by the end of the year. Funnier topics and segments coming soon! Hehehe! 😀

  9. retailjunkies says:

    @DJMusicJammer This was filmed on the same night, but I’m going to break it up some more so there’s less of the same and more variety. GOOD EYE!!! ;D

  10. retailjunkies says:

    @MammalucaArt You do! I love BLUFFMASTER! I didn’t think anyone would know the reference and you do! WOW!!! Thanks for watching and keep on commenting! LOVE IT! 😀

  11. retailjunkies says:

    @austinViolaboy He’s always really funny and really drunk! I love him, too!

  12. retailjunkies says:

    @Tifftrinity Hell Yeah! She’s so HAWT!

  13. retailjunkies says:

    @TheOliChabot Hey! The last three episodes have been the same people because I asked three questions one night and made different episodes out of them. However, I’m venturing out so there will be much more variety in the audience I interview. Great point! 😀

  14. retailjunkies says:

    @quinlynnes Hahaha! I know he’s so hilarious! This is my second time to run into him on the street! Thanks for watching!!!! ;D

  15. Omg that guy who loves Holly is hilarious.

  16. TheOliChabot says:

    its seems to be akways the same peoples…

  17. Tifftrinity says:

    It’s Britney bitch!

  18. retailjunkies says:

    @miles2057 Hahaha, you are too kind! Love your comments on the funny characters in the video!

  19. austinViolaboy says:

    That drunk dude is hot but so ridiculous! haha

  20. B-Pax, my fave celeb hahahaha love your vids and keep em comin!!!!
    wooo hooooo!!!!!! the guy at 1 minute 13 reminds me of Rico off “6 feet under.”
    Is that Lyle Lovett (sp?) at 1 min 14? lol jk.

  21. I love your works. XD
    God bless you, B-Pax!

  22. britney spears. because b-pax is cool and the way he is and just invited me as a friend on youtube.

  23. MammalucaArt says:


  24. DJMusicJammer says:

    Do you just run into the same people or was this filmed on the same night as some of the other videos?

  25. RitaProductions94 says:

    I love your videos. Keep on the good work ;)

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