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Fried Chicken and Very Angry People

Pop Eyes in NY runs out of chicken during a sale people get upset
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  1. meggoboggo says:

    didnt run out of wogs did they

  2. so, white people don’t like chicken?
    I’m white. I like chicken.
    ‘You men eat your dinner
    eat your pork and beans
    I eat more chicken any man’s ever seen’

  3. VirtualSpoof says:

    I feel so bad for the guy that was like “I was trying to feed my family, and now we can’t have the bucket”

  4. This shit is a joke, mockery, and misrepresentation because I sure as hell am not breaking my neck to go get none of this fried death.

  5. Dont read this! Next friday yo will be kissed by the one you love and tomorow will be the best day of your life but if you dont post this on 3 different viddeos you will die in 2 days after you have posted it on 5 different videos press f6 to see the name of the one you love

  6. rainbowzz991 says:

    Lol theyr all blackk

  7. Did they run out of watermellon also ?

  8. georgepotter428 says:

    This video is popular on Madagascar

  9. sliehgtofhand says:

    lol, stupid niggers

  10. Alot of cotton pickers

  11. unbeatencorgi says:

    I laughes my fucking are all black hahaha one guy was looking forward

  12. postalpaulie says:

    White folks and their GRILLED chicken! Now THAT’S funny! Get a life and quit worrying about other people’s way of life….learn how to live YOURS.

  13. tristynleos says:

    Anybody else notice they were ALL black? Lol.

  14. necroexmortis says:

    Really people? you care about this lame ass shit when or freedoms are being stripped away and the value of our dollar goes down the crapper by the elite bankers of the world.

  15. Blacks love the fried chicken shit. Feed your kid something better.

  16. mynameisian91 says:

    Maybe your kids should eat something better anyway

  17. daoneproductions says:


  18. Damn you niggers are fucking stupid….God get a clue and stop acting like outta control apes.

  19. @RainbowAneurism Thumbs up! X 1000

  20. theferretkit says:

    at 2:07 u can hear the lady yelling in the car

  21. parkourisfun90 says:

    No white people….weird

  22. buttmanroad says:

    I’m gonna go get ma AK and come back and blow dis Motha Fucka up. Biach!!

  23. lowgeemudbone says:

    Black people sure do love some fried chicken !

  24. mrfruitsnacks21 says:


  25. korvxxxkorvxxx says:

    @RainbowAneurism Those families that don’t have a father that owns a bank, nor a mother that is a doctor. Those people who can’t afford to eat better. Stop bitching at them for being poor.

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