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Joey Buttafucco vs. Lou Bellara – Celebrity Fights

Joey Buttafucco takes on Amy Fisher’s husband Lou Bellara in a 3 round fight that took place November 6th in Los Angeles,Ca…..
Video Rating: 3 / 5


  1. Lou is talking about throwing a beatin on Artie Lange (Stern)..this dude can’t fight for shit

  2. CAinfowarrior says:

    Joey is a fucking pussy, least Lou backs up his bark.

  3. hardcoremedic says:

    that lasted shorter then his erection!

  4. sportsjunkie113 says:

    look forward to our next event lol.You would have to pay me to watch this again.

  5. sportsjunkie113 says:

    I guess unless he is fighting a woman he does not show up.Why even pay this fat fuck?

  6. two stupid $hits fighting like tow little bitches!

  7. GooserBoomer says:

    @lucky44124 Fuckin retards would buy this shit on ppv

  8. PolaBear123465 says:

    Lou is on steroids !

  9. shikat2371 says:

    Joey is 5-6 years younger and 70 lbs heavier than Lou and he couldn’t outbox that old geezer?

    I bet Joey didn’t practice boxing even for one day. Any boxer in the welterweight or bantamweight or even in the flyweight division would’ve knocked out Lou in no time.

  10. lucky44124 says:

    This is the end of Joey making money… this was terrible

  11. lucky44124 says:

    Who would buy this on ppv???

  12. That was beyond terrible. Three 1 minute rounds turned into two 20 second rounds. Somehow this made it onto PPV? Glad I didn’t waste a dime on it.

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