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Pregnant Lara Dutta Gets Angry At Her Doctor – Latest Bollywood News

Pregnant Lara Dutta Gets Angry At Her Doctor – Latest Bollywood News. Sexy actress and soon-to-be mommy Lara Dutta angrily slammed her doctor recently. To find out why Lara got angry, check out the video. Regular Facebook Updates Watch more for the latest bollywood film reviews, makings & trailers.

Nicki Minaj’s insane backstage diva demands revealed. Hey everyone this is Ani Esmailian for Hollyscoop. Nicki Minaj is quickly developing a reputation for being a super diva and her ‘backstage rider’, which is a list of items she demands backstage, is proof. She requires 3 buckets of chicken, but they must contain no thighs and lots of wings and since KFC nor Popeyes sells buckets without thighs some assistant has to pluck through the chicken bucket and pull out all the thighs before handing it off to Nicki. Other bizarre items on her rider include “One gallon of Simply Lemonade”, candies that smell like baked goods, 12 bottles of Martinelli’s Apple Juice, throat spray, 2 space Heaters (listed as “Very Important”), salad with iceberg lettuce and Wishbone Italian dressing, dried cranberries, raw almonds and fine silverware. Nick Minaj: out of control diva or well deserved wish list? Tweet us @Hollyscoop and let us know
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  1. Giovani5127 says:

    @life55998 Don’t hate just appreciate, hay!

  2. Giovani5127 says:

    Almonds and Cranberries are her favorite snack so they have to have that lol

  3. Martinelli’s apple juice is where the fuck it’s at.

  4. wildberrigirl says:

    That’s really not that bad… like… she’s not asking for 12 slaves on a plantation or tortillas with Jesus’s face in them or anything… and obviously she’s sharing with her crew cause she can’t eat nor drink all of that either way

  5. u be hatin cuz u aint got swag like her

  6. Shit, I would want 10 buckets of popeyes chicken strips

  7. Jeans11234567 says:

    i use those thing evry day 2

  8. ImJerkBoii says:

    Lmao, These Dont Seem Hard To Get/DO At All, People Are Just Lazy And Ratherr Than Do Their JOB Blame Everything On The Person Ordering The Stuff..

  9. WaLkNCaNvAs says:

    Black girl demanding chicken wings…. Why is everybody surprised! Loll

  10. @BoyocauxBlue And you’re a silly little girl that doesn’t have taste in music.

  11. BoyocauxBlue says:

    @life55998 & you’re just a jealous bitch that will never get as much fame as her. Keep hatin <3

  12. RandomUsername010 says:

    LMBAO at 3 buckets of chicken. Did they just have to mention that first because she’s black?

  13. @PEREZ510LUV it’s you ‘are’ a … and stupid is spelled with a ‘d’. You’re welcome.

  14. PEREZ510LUV says:

    @LysetteOne u a stupit hoe!

  15. who gives a fuck?

  16. @life55998 Who actually worked hard to get a record deal. If she was that lucky she would be a 1 hit wonder right now and wouldn’t be making big hits right now smh! keep the “hood rat whore” comment to yourself. If you think that why the hell are you on the damn video idiot

  17. LysetteOne says:

    You can take the girl out of the ghetto but in Nicki Minaj’s case the ghetto has definitely stayed in the girl. KFC? Iceberg w/ Wishbone Italian dressing? ugh.

  18. peachrocker1 says:

    her whole act is totally overated.

  19. she got 1 album and already?? wow SMFH

  20. ActionFiggaOne says:

    @life55998 actually she worked hard underground for 7 years before getting a record deal soo…yeah.

  21. ActionFiggaOne says:

    diva demands? that’s a damn shopping list.

  22. damn yall some fuckin haters do ya thang nicki if you want some chicken get her a bucket she shitin on all ya’ll broke lookin rats

  23. TwentyDevils says:

    @life55998 haha, hood rat whore describes her perfectly.

  24. ShishaLynn says:

    And really… she isn’t asking for filet mignon and spinach Caesar salads with freshly made croutons haha I can’t get over this… people really think that’s a diva?

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