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The Weekly Sizzle: Jewish Celebrity Roundup (Feb 4 – Feb 10, 2012)

The Weekly Sizzle: Jewish Celebrity Roundup (Feb 4 - Feb 10, 2012)

KISS developing band version of Angry Birds, Oprah interviews with chabad, Scarlett Johansson promotes Obama, Joan Rivers under the knife 739 times, birthday haiku for Mark Spitz. Each week, 6 Degrees No Bacon, the Jewish celebrity blog(, brings you the “Weekly Sizzle,” the six most interesting stories that involved Jewish celebrities or Jewish stories. Our loyal correspondents add their own comments to the stories too! For more information, check out 6 Degrees no Bacon

Angry People on TV
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. faisalkfpm says:

    too much suger

  2. revolutionday1 says:


  3. 1:05-115 i died of laughter

  4. babyflavas says:

    fucking mother whore

  5. Hey People
    My Name’s Quin Wade
    Im A famus angry person that always complain about shit
    Can you people subscribe me If I am An angry person >_< Fuck! Also I Have dance videos If you want to check them out.I shuffle

  6. TheGodParticle says:

    That woman saying, what the fuck are you doing, soooo funny

  7. putting on shit!


  9. TinyBush95 says:

    @DrComptonCompton hahaha :O

  10. DancingMedicineMan says:

    We’ll do it live you mothers…

  11. darthspeaks says:

    Look, everyone has bad days. Give em a break!

  12. DoesNotExist305 says:

    @Danjldub They were playing Never Gonna Give You Up on the teleprompter and he got pissed LOL.

  13. TheChowder09 says:


  14. MrNacho123456789 says:

    I’m not sexists but i find it funnier when the women get mad

  15. AliciaKitty69 says:


  16. prashantnegi007 says:

    FUCKING THING SUCKS !!!!…i ❤ it.

  17. I always wonder what gets them so angry.

  18. awwww…yallmad?? xD

  19. monsterravingloon says:

    I wish we could get this on television now ha ha ha very bloody funny.

  20. Do they have tourettes or something?

  21. Ellaphant95 says:

    10 people are obviously featured in this video :)

  22. pixieboots12 says:


  23. YoungKoolness17 says:

    anyone notice they are all american?

  24. Arh, i can’t do it. We’ll do it live. (Trying to get up from the chair, finding himself trapped with microphone cables, geting agitated.). WE’LL DO IT LIVE, FUCK IT. DO IT LIVE. I CAN GO WRITE IT AND WE’LL DO IT LIVE. FUCKING THING SUCKS!

  25. armedproducts says:

    Lol. Fuckin thing sucks

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