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Top 5 Celebrity Fights

Watch a new Hot Off The Net daily at Hello everybody I’m (Martina) bringing you a Hot Off the Net top 5 special. In the number 5 spot is Britney Spears remember the good old days when Britney went crazy, shaved her head, drank her weight in frappaccinos and went barefoot into public restrooms? Well to take you back, here is bald Britney attacking a Paparazzo’s car with an umbrella. The incident took place after a conversation with ex, Kevin Federline. Coming in at number 4 is Shanna Moakler vs. Paris Hilton. Who is Shanna you may ask. Well she’s an ex playboy model who was married to Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker. One night at a club, Paris so cooly started making out with Travis Barker and once Shanna got wind of this she hit Paris upside the head. Paris’ then boyfriend, Stavros pushed Moakler and poured a cocktail on her head. Coming in at Number 3 is Snooki from the Jersey Shore. MTV had to have known they were treading in deep water when creating the Jersey Shore. The concept of eight of the tannest, drunkest guidos and guidettes was bound for disaster. On a regular night out on the Shore, the crew kept ordering rounds of shots. When some douchey guy stole their drinks and Snooks wouldn’t let it go. It lead to her taking a hard hit to the face. She fell to the floor and was out cold but luckily didn’t suffer any injury. The guy who did it was since fired from his gym teacher job at a New York school. Number 2 If there is one super model I’d never
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  1. xithejafix says:

    whoever punched snookie……YOU ARE GOD!

  2. originalbobbeast3 says:

    Poor morons, the guy should get sent to prison and raped like the little bitch he is for putting his hands on a woman. I dont give a fuck if it’s snooki. A little bitch is a little bitch.

  3. merrington1996 says:

    Snooki getting punched was amazing and so funny too bad she dident become paralysed

  4. MrSamryanful says:

    Bjork is a tough bitch!

  5. MultiBeautiful777 says:

    This man striaght closed fist snooki damn…

  6. 182rObBiEmAn44 says:


  7. tht number 2 chick ….. wat do u expect ….. shes black! o.o

  8. This girl has the most annoying voice lol

  9. TheFryingpanofdoom says:

    @theblacksiphon so if he can redo it afte ru chop of his dick. where he 2 be able to slap his dick?


    there were 88,888views on this vid b4 i came

  11. fatboystillnotslim says:

    byork should have been arested or that holy shit. or stabbed

  12. lmfao she got knocked out roflmfao i died when i seeen that her body was standing with no head (atleast that what it looked like) her head looked like it flew let that be a lesson to bitch’s stop bitchn

  13. MultiMAGICDAN says:

    the guy who punched snookie was a fucking dick head man

  14. 2:16

  15. It led to her taking an overhand girl hit to the face.

  16. this bitch is mad annoying

  17. yuriell0111 says:

    snooki got knocked the fuck out lmao

  18. Snooki got snucked

  19. cutiepie8243 says:

    @supermancatcool U are so ughh who hits girls dumbass

  20. Meshikamadness says:

    This host has a very annoying voice, SHADAP!

  21. djwilliams310 says:

    the snooki punch was the funniest and far most best thing iv ever seen my entire life. literally

  22. host is awsome

  23. Hahaha lol look at the news girls mouth so fucked up plastic sugary

  24. liquidliner93 says:

    Wow this girl must be unable to smile or something

  25. ceodabossful says:

    snooki got falcon punched

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