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Madonna Illuminati Exposed

Madonna Illuminati Exposed

This Is A Brief Video On How The Illuminati And The New World Order Have Been Subliminally Mind Feeding Us Since Way Back… Download The Devastating Truth Here


  1. george7981 says:

    You got it twisted dude, The catholic church has been infiltrated by the illuminati, since the knights templar, this is where there wealth came from, and there abilty to do witchcraft, through the kabbalah they found in solomons temple. This was the start of their power they had money, and power through the worship of the Devil, They then created islam, as a way to control the arab states. THE YEARS ARE BASED ON JESUS CHRIST, BC BEFORE CHRIST, Wake Up, the true bible is out there, read it.

  2. BriereLover says:

    Madonna’s such a legend, and sadly she’s just gonna burn in hell!

  3. BriereLover says:

    lol actually I think it’s true. but madonna’s awesome lol

  4. MartinGotThis says:

    music is creepy.XD

  5. ColoradoLizardDude says:

    what exacly is illuminati?

  6. billupskevin says:

    @LittlEQ8 what do you mean??

  7. billupskevin says:

    OMG This is really stupid she isnt that!!

  8. RoverMuttley says:

    Thanks for the laugh !!!!

  9. ReformedOrder says:

    Yeah, I love at 2:24 to 2:30 she states “kabbalah” & raises her head to proclaim it, then she hangs it in shame once she pronounces how it’s (really) spoken…….

  10. All orangized religion is bogus no matter what label you give it.

  11. bellagia777 says:

    If only as many people would awaken their souls and know the truth of who they are, there wouldnt be half as many idiots believing in this bullshit. NO ONE has power over you except for what YOU CHOOSE to give to them. Which is what your doing every time you give credence to this bs. WAKE UP! Illuminati does not control you unless u ALLOW them too! WAKEY-WAKEY CHILDREN–ITS TIME!!!!

  12. devushka89 says:

    the backgroung music makes everthinh scary.. :(

  13. davisfontanes says:

    I am worried about ORGANIZE religion than some fable group

  14. davisfontanes says:

    wow the same can be said about christianity sorry

  15. finaltorment says:

    I don’t understand your point “Kabbalah = Dark and satanist rituals”. From the things I read about the Kabbalah, I know for a fact not all the practicioners had or have a dark agenda. And it’s not because some individual leaders in the past had satanist agendas that it means the whole religion (if Kabbalah can be called a religion…) is evil. After all, individuals leaders from every religion used dark esoterism to support their agendas in the past and even now.

  16. velveteyes79 says:

    @strangecluesinfriday that is so unfortunately true….

  17. velveteyes79 says:

    @geiuy my comment was in response to a previous one that said “even though the truth has slapped MANY in the face, they’re still asleep while awake and have 20-20 vision that sees NOTHING” so your words make no sense to me, i’m not religious, the ALLmighty is real though, we’re all Spirits in a body having an experience which has been messed up by a bunch of douche nozzles, most of the population are dumb,violent & useless whatever their implanted beliefs are via church, school or media

  18. iamaveryuglyboy says:

    @1badhoney thanks for your reminder.i wonder what thing is not made by god.may you tell me more about it?and can we use triangles and show one eye without representing devils?

  19. @velveteyes79 what about the worshipping of your fake jesus copied from man made prophets like gabriel’s revelation,horus,mythra,krishna etc?u religious people are the dumbest,most violent and uselss idiots on wonder 95% of scientists are atheists or agnostics.u use a computer that was certainly made by atheists (bill gates is not religious and even steve jobs wasn’t).in the future they would remember u as the idiots that slowed humans evolution.dumb hypocrites

  20. whoa her eye is on her lp covers!!!!! illuminati!!! hahaha …this type of video discredits the real problem


  22. candyraver69 says:

    This is so moronic it’s astounding. Before you go running around calling Madonna satanic and agreeing she is part of the illuminati simply because of this video, maybe you should understand what this video’s definition of satanic is. By this video’s definition, any religion other than Christian is satanic. Kabbalah is simply a spinnoff of the Jewish religion the way Mormons are from Christians if that makes any sense. Kabbalah is not the same as worshipping satan or illuminati. Learn to read.

  23. TheJoshy676 says:

    @The777Voice Did you saw Madonna’s Half Time performance? It is totally full of illuminati or masonic symbolism. Specially at the Like a Prayer part: “I hear you call my name, and it feels like [she was sucked into the ground while smoke as if she’d swallowed by hell] HOME.”

  24. velveteyes79 says:

    that is so unfortunately true……..

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