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Raw Video: Whitney Houston’s Last Performance

In this video from Whitney Houston and Kelly Price perform at Price’s pre-Grammy party on Feb. 9. Houston, 48, was found dead in Beverly Hills, Calif., two days later. (Feb. 12) Subscribe to the Associated Press: Download AP Mobile: Associated Press on Facebook: Associated Press on Twitter: Associated Press on Google+:
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  1. Lefemenikita says:

    Soulless people talk evil about the dead. I would ignore the trolls. . They’re already dead inside. Whitney was a beautiful person and well loved. Respect the family and shut the trash talk down.
    peace out.

  2. TropikalWaves says:

    @GeorgiaGuyjlk: Anyone has a right to judge anyone else’s conduct. Most people will remember this woman as a crack baby.  She will always be remembered for the phrase “crack is whack.” She will always be remembered for her ignorant reality t.v. show, in which she conducted herself like a ghetto rat. Oh, yes, I almost forgot…she also sang nicely. LMfAO

  3. @myalias4321 oh boy people such as yourself are the ones that makes celebrities lives miserable. you talk all the trash, but lets see how you could cope under a constant microscope.

  4. monkeyjena says:

    There are No words to say how sad I am (we are) for such a terrible loss! but I would like to ask, who is to blame in all of this? I know bobby got her started with the “junk” but they broke up and she kept on with the drugs ‘ he moved on with his life, so easy after he made her an addict. I may sound silly but I really do think she died of a broken heart. over that scum bag who clearly wasnt worth s#@%!!!!!!!

  5. TropikalWaves says:

    @GeorgiaGuyjlk: Yep, there is cause and effect. If you punish your body with drugs day in and day out for many years, there may very well be a cost to pay. Whitney Houston paid a terrible price for her hard living and drug abuse. She was almost dead when she lived in the Atlanta area. She is lucky she got about seven more years to live…she could have easily gone out back then.

  6. TropikalWaves says:

    @GeorgiaGuyjlk: Stop making excuses for a crack ho. She said crack is whack…yep, it whacked her ghetto ass, didn’t it?? LOL

  7. GeorgiaGuyjlk says:

    And to all you self-appointed judges and haters what we say of your life if it was put in front of the camera under a microscope for everyone to see I’m sure we would see your shortcomings and failures as well so when you render such harsh judgment and criticism particular individual or human being that person is merely being a reflection of you so think about it before you go wagging the finger of judgment and criticism

  8. GeorgiaGuyjlk says:

    Yes it’s true Whitney made some mistakes she made some poor judgment calls but who on this planet has not made bad choices or bad judgment calls in their own life for which they have suffered negative effects no one on this planet is perfect we are all in a state of learning a state of flux if you will so no one is greater or above the other. Who knows Whitney may have made peace with her life and the choices she made only she knows that. So Whitney rest in peace we will miss you

  9. GeorgiaGuyjlk says:

    Remember when we level such harsh criticism and judgment on Whitney or other human beings on this planet we have made a negative costs which will result in reaping a negative effect which is you reversible so be careful what you say of others harshly because the same could come back on you know you’re entitled to your opinion you still can escape the law of cause and effect.

  10. GeorgiaGuyjlk says:

    So none of us really know what was going on in Whitney’s heart and spirit not one of us has a clue of the degree of struggle she was going through and we must remember when we judge others we open ourselves to that same judgment. We have to remember that this planet is governed by great cosmic law known as the law of cause and effect basically meaning do wonder others as you would have others do unto you this law was set in place by God or the divine or whichever you prefer.

  11. I will always love you Whitney you have treasured the world in every way

  12. GeorgiaGuyjlk says:

    So when you’re leveling your harsh and critical opinions on Whitney or any other human being remember you must first take a look in the mirror and remember that one wagging finger of judgment has three pointing back at you no one can really judge another human being’s journey or existence on this planet we are all in different places on different paths on different degrees of understanding.

  13. GeorgiaGuyjlk says:

    You know I respect everyone’s right to have their own opinion whether I agree or disagree is not important what’s important is remembering that Whitney was a human and we as humans are not perfect and we make mistakes so none of us really have the right to judge Whitney or any other human being on this planet. We all must remember that we continue to evolve and our lives as human beings on this planet is in a constant state of evolution or de-evolution whichever you prefer.

  14. NYGHTCRUZER says:

    I am not a Whitney fan at all, but she didn’t deserve to die. She wasn’t a bad person, she was troubled.

    I am sorry her daughter does not have a Mother, that is truly sad.

  15. myalias4321 says:

    You shoulda learned your lesson from Michael Jackson & Amy Winehouse. Now all 3 of you are singing “HIghway to Hell”.

  16. myalias4321 says:

    “Crack is whack!” – DEADney Houston

  17. charisetsimmons says:


  18. thaunghtike74 says:

    Good bye Whitey, you are always be my star. I will always miss you. And IIIII will always love youuuu……

  19. MogamboJack says:

    Lovely… another degenerate dead druggie enters America’s roster of beloved heroes. Better if she simply faded away.

  20. Stop being solo mean ppl, we all now what she did she was still the greatest

  21. All you negative people need to STFU and let her RIP. no one knows the truth, so let it be.

  22. dillonc1996 says:

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  23. last performance………… on crack?!

  24. shayloverchrisbrown says:

    Heaters man i MISS U Whitney Houston SO MUCH PEOPLE DONT KNOW WAT IT FEELS E WHEN U,LOSE YOUR,MOTHER SHE’S LIKE YOUR SISTER BEST,FRIEND but the heaters  will soon know wat it feel like but god BLESS HER family

  25. MariaSarah2 says:


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