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Invisible Empire A New World Order Defined Full (Order it at

Invisible Empire A New World Order Defined Full (Order it at

Jason Bermas presents Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined produced by Alex Jones. The film can be ordered here

UPDATE: The Department of Homeland Security met so much resistance to the National ID that they are now trying to replace it with the “Pass ID” (who thinks of these names anyway?) Here’s a link to the story: If you come here to troll you will be blocked and your comments removed. Intelligent discussion is encouraged, but comments like “this is crap!”, “ur an idiot!”, and “tinfoil hat!” do not count as intelligent discussion and only reflect a lack of effort on your part to find any real facts. You will be blocked for trolling. Trolls are coming out of the woodwork lately and I have to get them under control. Their purpose is to leave so many negative, unrelated, or distracting comments as to not allow any real comments to show and I won’t allow it. I love debate, so if you disagree, put forth a succinct, intelligent argument and I’ll be happy to engage you in conversation. Same with spammers. When a video has 2 million hits it seems that everyone wants to advertise their website, Facebook page, and Youtube channel. I’ve been cutting some slack for people leaving comments regarding other RELATED videos, but anything that’s not DIRECTLY related will be removed. Also, a lot of people like to leave unrelated video responses here to boost their hit numbers. If you have a RELATED video response, please post it and be patient for approval. It usually only takes a few hours. I’m also trying to tolerate “Christians” leaving the same old “Rapture
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  1. R.I.P William Cooper, Ron Paul for 2012 although he’ll never win. thats my president. they put Obama in to shut up blacks (my people) and other minorities, college kids, and other liberals. Canibus said it best “I cannot imagine a power, they put a black family in a white house, just so they can take away ours” – Dead by Design

  2. @cardiologizt alex jones doesnt say the complete truth. William Cooper does and u know what happened 2 him. i dont think alex jones has ever mentioned the illuminati

  3. @actracts roflmao

  4. Meh – as long as my free online porn and my booze ain’t threatened, I’m happy.

  5. I got two words to say about he new world order
    SUCK IT!

  6. Buddikaman says:

    @ATS8ter There is no fighting these people dude. The american public will NEVER accept this as reality. They are to busy living in there dream world, watching MTV, playing xbox, being self absorbed. They will never know what hit them. When WW3 begins from isreal or america attacking Iran, our society will collapse and fighting these guys will be the least of our problems with no food or water or money.

  7. Buddikaman says:

    @cardiologizt They probably dont see him as to much of a threat, and if they do kill him, it will bring there conspiracy even more into the light which is what they dont want. IMO there is no stopping this from happening. Its just a matter of time before it goes down. It could be any day, there are already talks of isreal attacking iran this spring.

  8. MrMrfamilyguy01 says:

    If he dies, you increase his legacy exponentially…not good for something which needs discretion to survive

  9. cardiologizt says:

    why the illuminati keep alex jones alive?

  10. @Buddikaman what so you just want to kick back and give up? let them take over without giving them a fight? im sure im not speaking for my self hear but i will fight them or die TRYING!

  11. @matchmywave thanks for understanding, my POV is from the industry and I know how easy it is to make a mistake like this, even if you know the correct answer, and even if you know the mistake is there but jsut have to leave it there or nobody else catches it till to late in the process.

  12. @bev61896 There is no such thing as coincidence, its called synchronizity.

  13. Buddikaman says:

    Even if Ron Paul got elected, The Globalists would assasinate him. Its over folks, just accept it.

  14. koppellhinex says:

    Google ➨ MURDERED by the MONARCHS

    nwo+freemason+illuminati+scientology+secretsociety+religion+ bohemiangrove+occult+government+constitution+zionist+slavery+
    elitecriminals+politicians+war+etc = CAPITALIST REALM LANDLORD GRABBER PIG ROYAL LAZY FAMILY.


    ►► copy& paste WE ARE THE 99% FREEMAN ◄◄

  15. 11011011011100110 says:

    We are the 99%. As a collective we are undestroyable. We The People can change the World. Only one thing is needed: Do It!

  16. Lovinight says:

    Hilary should be held for treason!

  17. Smokeydabear415 says:

    ah i watched the whole thing and get it invisible i got it now

  18. dontscrewtheworld says:

    does anyone else think it weird that there is a lady gaga advertisement on a vieo for the new world order?

  19. heytootssweet says:

    i wrote a song predicting the OWS dingbats a year before it happened!!! check it out on my channel.. LIBERALS ARE SO DAMN PREDICTABLE!!! and annoying!!! its called appropriately “OWS the song that saw it coming” (the end game)

  20. FDTFQV65 says:

    I wish the news clips from this, and the truth it rallies, was still alive today. Now the news is such bullshit it hurts

  21. FaiThN9ne says:

    If you can’t beat them, join them.

  22. Iwasfreeonce says:

    At 0:23:38 Charles Wassum tells you the main thing that will change in America if this is brought into fruition.

  23. Smokeydabear415 says:

    do you mean invincible?

  24. lilegg100 says:

    if you like life take a look at this… watch?v=PNJvfLlzJ_M

  25. TheLastFreeM1nd says:

    @2020starman every prime minister we have had in the uk was a Bildeberg, even Winston Churchill, Cameron had to be ushered in quickly cos you cant be a prime minister in uk without being one

  26. MrNeversaynever says:

    Saying over and over again and again, alot like the literature of the new order – never question your employers or richers

  27. MrNeversaynever says:

    It all means nothing, but words of manipulation and control.

  28. MrNeversaynever says:

    I will never be an part of this, i hate the new world order.

  29. NamelessLucidDream says:

    And you will see the RFID chips in action!

  30. @dukeman7595 Yes yes, and i’m sure you’re calm cause jesuschrist is coming and is going to save you lol. Republicans… chaotic systems can’t be controlled. Even if there were a NWO plot to take over, i’d fall because the nature of the world is chaotic and rudderless, it can’t be possibly controlled.

  31. dukeman7595 says:

    @thekeithchannel I agree , remember the press is so polluted and controlled that they only report what the are to too

  32. dukeman7595 says:

    @Kamyu03 If you think with that immense brain you claim, that CHRISTIANS and (religious) . First they do not have the same definitions.. Example: you can religiously
    play poker every Friday night . Get the picture ?
    So before you shoot off your knuckle dragging mouth on any subject, get some gray matter to go along with it.
    And their is a NWO on the horizon. And it’s idiots like you who will be sucked into it.

  33. Vindicaor says:

    Wait until jesus christ comes and crushes these fools!

  34. staywithaces1984 says:

    @Kamyu03 Generalize much? Mayer Amschel Rothschild the so called founder of this bs “NWO” was an atheist

  35. NWO is pure bullshit. Only christian and religious people can have so little understanding about the nature of the world to actaully believe in this nonsense.

  36. Well, I’ve just had my Anxiety attack for the day…

  37. bobbyknight1970 says:

    I say fuck the illuminati, the freemasons, the new world order, the rockafellers, haliburton, the bilderberg group, the petroleum companies, the world banks and all evil people. Did I forget any? Anyway, we are all screwed, blued and tatooed. Better start buying guns and amo now. Also stock up on a lot of food and water.

  38. KISSbuttplugs says:

    hail the illuminati masters

  39. volubleasteroid2 says:

    lol i was doing an essay/presentation in class and i did it on the illuminati and the new world order so when im done talking my friend goes dude tommorow or soon there going to call you to office say your going home the guy will bring you to there care and theyll shoot you ME: lol ill grab the gun and shoot that illuminati but hole in the fffaaaaacccceeeee


    Oh, we’ll rally around the flag, boys we’ll rally once again! Shouting the Battle Cry of Freedom! And we’ll rally from the hillside, we’ll gather from the plains, Shouting the Battle Cry of Freedom!!! The union forever! Hoo-rah boys, Hoo-rah! Down with the traitor, and up with the star! Oh, we’ll rally around the flag, boys we’ll rally once again! Shouting the Battle Cry of Freedom!

    Repost this! If there’s one thing our resistence needs, it’s morale.

  41. MrNeversaynever says:

    A new world order, where you shouldn’t discuss salaries or pay as it is bad manners to do so. They use a judgemental media to turn you on one another with race while putting down the lower class as worth nothing and giving them low paid jobs so the rich get richer while the press talk about wars and money of poverty so we feel guilty. These truly are evil people and the ones that do their bidding.

  42. MrBrooxy says:

    @BlueTransAm83 it’s whether not weather and its illuminati not illume. Its called fascism when big corporations merge with big government and who runs big corporations the bilderberg group,the freemasons and the illuminati. Be careful how far you want to go because the rabbit hole is deep my friend

  43. BlueTransAm83 says:

    Amazing how I wrote that to go in order downwards lol.

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