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Whitney Houston Funeral – Bobby Brown comforts friend at funeral

Whitney Houston’s ex-husband Bobby Brown is seen before Whitney’s funeral service on Saturday.
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Cool Madonna Illuminati images

A few nice madonna illuminati images I found:

Back of the Madonna single “Into The Groove”
madonna illuminati
Image by svenjas
Madonna wearing a jacket with an Illuminati theme

madonna illuminati
Image by Felix_Nine
I was looking for something else and stumbled on a bunch of sites on the web going on about Madonna being a part of the “Illuminati,” an alleged uber secret society that controls the world from behind the scenes (if you control the world why hide anymore?) and this led to me making this just for the heck of it.

Madonna Illuminati & Satanism ExPOSED

For more information about the illuminati 666 sign please visit:
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Madonna Illuminati Superbowl Ritual

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Madonna Illuminati Exposed

Madonna Illuminati Exposed

This Is A Brief Video On How The Illuminati And The New World Order Have Been Subliminally Mind Feeding Us Since Way Back… Download The Devastating Truth Here

Cool Celebrity Fights images

Some cool celebrity fights images:

Celebrity Eating Disorders: “Daniel Johns”
celebrity fights
Image by tollieschmidt
Daniel Johns:
In mid-2004, Daniel Johns interviewed on ABC Television and talked about his struggles with anorexia. After finally winning the battle with anorexia, Daniel Johns had also had to fight arthritis only 2 years later.
From My Website Dedicated To: Teen Empowerment: Anorexia-Depression-Obesity-Body Image-Weight Loss-Diet.

The "Illusion" Teen Anorexia-Eating Disorders-Depression:

Tollie Schmidt lived his life as the fat kid. His weight reached over 500 pounds. Losing over 300 pounds of fat, Tollie struggled with bulimia and became a personal trainer. Today, Tollie’s a highly sought after International Speaker, Author, Producer and Dreamer. Today our Youth have a voice for change.
(Empowering Greatness for a Dream-Infused Life).
The "Illusion" Teen Anorexia-Eating Disorders-Depression:
Tollie’s Teen Empowerment Site

Teen Anorexia-Eating Disorders-Depression and Suicide Video Series On YouTube:

Latest Video: “Teen Sex & Body Image The Result Depression and Suicide Illusion”

Simon Van Kempen & Allex Mccord- Fighting Leukemia With Fashion Event 2011
celebrity fights
Image by MoniqueTatum
Fighting Leukmia with Fashion Runway Show June 23rd- photo Credit : Michael Yorkes Photography

Joey Buttafucco vs. Lou Bellara – Celebrity Fights

Joey Buttafucco takes on Amy Fisher’s husband Lou Bellara in a 3 round fight that took place November 6th in Los Angeles,Ca…..
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Celebrity Fights: Fans Punched in 2009 – Year In Review http Being in the limelight means you’ll constantly be tested by both fans and haters. Here are 2009’s top 5 Celebs Who Snapped & Hit back 5. pro-wrestler Chris Jericho punched & spat at a female heckler after an WWE event in Canada 4. Wale flipped the fitted cap off a front row heckler who told him to get off the stage at Sneaker Pimps NYC show 3. Gucci Mane pushes then punches a female fan who interrupted his performance 2. Pit Bull pulled a fan on stage and then when the fan started throwing money, pit bull snuffed him 1. Kid Cudi, during a show in vancouver on the leg of the lady gaga tour, a fan threw a wallet on stage, cudi threw it back in the audience,then when the wallet got thrown back on stage again! cudi jumped into the pit and started swinging on the guy who threw it back on the stage. Hosted by Wahidah Fowler. These do not represent the views of Jump Off TV. Music:

NeNe fights Latoya Jackson on The Apprentice 2011 !!! :O

Nene Calls La Toya Jackson Casper the Ghost on Celebrity Apprentice LaToya Jackson Talks about Nene & Star Jones celebrity fights celebrity apprentice fight NeNe the ghetto trash

Latest Celebrity Fights News

50 Cent Fights Hunger in Africa
Celebrity Charities – Curtis Jackson (aka 50 Cent aka 50) recently took a trip with the UN food releif agency to the Horn of Africa. His field visit to Somalia and Kenya showed him an up close and personal look at the food crisis currently plaguing the …
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'The Celebrity Apprentice' Exclusive: Donald Trump, Arsenio Hall, Debbie
The new season of Celebrity Apprentice premieres on February 19 and there's sure to be some nasty fights along the way. The new cast is playing for charity but the restless hours and not wanting to hear "You're Fired" will ultimately lead to some …
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Famous Fight Fan: Mark Kozelek
And unlike some celebrity enthusiasts, Mark Kozelek's interest extends far beyond a ringside seat for solely the Floyd Mayweathers and Pacquiaos. “I've seen several fights in Vegas; Lewis-Holyfield, Vargas-Quartey, De La Hoya-Carr, as well as fights in …
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Top 5 Celebrity Fights

Watch a new Hot Off The Net daily at Hello everybody I’m (Martina) bringing you a Hot Off the Net top 5 special. In the number 5 spot is Britney Spears remember the good old days when Britney went crazy, shaved her head, drank her weight in frappaccinos and went barefoot into public restrooms? Well to take you back, here is bald Britney attacking a Paparazzo’s car with an umbrella. The incident took place after a conversation with ex, Kevin Federline. Coming in at number 4 is Shanna Moakler vs. Paris Hilton. Who is Shanna you may ask. Well she’s an ex playboy model who was married to Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker. One night at a club, Paris so cooly started making out with Travis Barker and once Shanna got wind of this she hit Paris upside the head. Paris’ then boyfriend, Stavros pushed Moakler and poured a cocktail on her head. Coming in at Number 3 is Snooki from the Jersey Shore. MTV had to have known they were treading in deep water when creating the Jersey Shore. The concept of eight of the tannest, drunkest guidos and guidettes was bound for disaster. On a regular night out on the Shore, the crew kept ordering rounds of shots. When some douchey guy stole their drinks and Snooks wouldn’t let it go. It lead to her taking a hard hit to the face. She fell to the floor and was out cold but luckily didn’t suffer any injury. The guy who did it was since fired from his gym teacher job at a New York school. Number 2 If there is one super model I’d never
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FIGHT!!! Very Funny, TV Confrontations w/ angry Celebrities

This clip contains violent celebrities/well known people getting pissed off at each other in front of Television Cameras…It is a long clip, and may take long to download,but it is worth it and very entertaining to see them lose their composure. If you want to see pissed off people, see this clip. Enjoy Friends…. “Larry Holmes punched me..hit me in my head!”
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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