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Madonna Illuminati & Satanism ExPOSED

For more information about the illuminati 666 sign please visit:
Video Rating: 3 / 5

Madonna Illuminati Superbowl Ritual

Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. BRAVO !!!

  2. ExposedBands says:

    @xAmphibiousx I can’t impose you anything. Decide.
    He who has ears, let him hear.

  3. xAmphibiousx says:

    @ExposedBands. I’m not imposing on anyones beliefs, not my intentions. don’t impose mine

  4. ExposedBands says:

    @xAmphibiousx “Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil.”
    Seek Jesus until you find Him and repent , turn away, from sin.
    May Jesus bless you.

  5. ExposedBands says:

    @xAmphibiousx God is the creator of all things and created man at his likeness with free will to choose. Man sinned and led astray from God when sinning.
    No one is righteous at all by him/herself because all man sinned, but Jesus was righteous. God tells us what is wrong and right, not because we can not know , but because sin blinds us. We can see what is right and wrong when we follow Jesus Christ. He did not sin and saved us from punishment. Repent, and turn away from evil.

  6. xAmphibiousx says:

    So serious question, it may seem simple but if God is the Creator of all why does he hate those who do not believe? Why are their other religions? Who is right and who is wrong? And how can you look at someone and tell them they are wrong? Its what they believe in?

  7. npergolesi says:

    @222gemini I totally agree with you. Let’s encourage people to stop buying their records and tickets of their shows. Boycott them!

  8. Msdominitrix says:

    so so stupid indeed!

  9. Msdominitrix says:

    so so stupid indeed!

  10. EdgarCiccone says:

    ._. no tenias nada mas importante que hacer verdad?

  11. Nice video :)

  12. fiatstilo77 says:

    @ExposedBands I just said it`s a stupid video, I mean, I dont see the point???
    And I`m not the only one that thinks that way :)

  13. ExposedBands says:

    @fiatstilo77 no as much as your comment

  14. ExposedBands says:

    @222gemini amén to that.

  15. ExposedBands says:

    @TheArca9 la verdadera estrella de David es Jesús, (Apocalipsis 22:16 ) el símbolo no tiene nada de bíblico, sino de ocultista: hexagrama = 666

  16. ExposedBands says:

    @TheArca9 claro, ella no es el orígen, sino sólo el instrumento.
    tiene sentido.

  17. william5177 says:

    More rubbish! You have to be the most bored person in the world to have spent your time on this crap. What is it that you’re missing in your life? Do you feel the need to make this so you can attempt to think that you’re a big shot? That you have to believe in something so you picked this crap to make you feel like an important person? I feel so sorry for you….what a waste of a life.

  18. albyluvzrainbowz says:

    this is stupid -_-

  19. fiatstilo77 says:

    What a stupid video!

  20. STUPIDS!

  21. 2pac is right::: killuminati 

  22. killuminati…this is the biggest witch and bitch ive ever seen…and fuck you madonna
    and fuck your bitches satana

  23. jirachi2011 says:

    @TheArca9 porfavor ademas el video mas satanico de madonna es ‘like a prayer’ madonna es mas satanica que rihanna o lady gaga

  24. who do these celebrities think they are depicting themselves as christ. someone should wake them up from their delusion, the fact is we should all stop buying their crappy records and clothes.

  25. Su video bedtime story es una obra de arte, nada malo en el. Y Frozen arte mistico que ha sido muy criticado. Madonna es una gran mujer, Gran cantante, Gran compositora. Frozen Tuvo un video muy oscuro, Pero las letras son muy puras =)
    Madonna siempre ha estado interesada en Malawi y tiene una fundacion Raising Malawi, para los niños que tienen menos oportunidades. Todos mis respetos a esta señora =) Si quieres inventar cosas de alguien , ve con lady gaga o rihanna ellas si que son illuminati 😉

  26. who cares if you believe in the Illuminati or not ,the older generation who have been fans of madonna since she started cannot deny that today when she sings the same songs that we use to adore in her younger day , have somehow now become more satanic and evil and full of symbolism. I have loved and adored her all of my teenage years and up until my early thirties .

  27. would you guys stop talking about the shit and show the vid!!!!!! and stop making people think that their going to click on the actual video when all they are going to see is you guys asses talking!!! please i am not trying to be rude, guys stop making people think they are about to click on an actual link when they are not!

  28. Madonna has shown her demonic tendencies time and time again throughout her career. and she knows her fans are too stupid in their blind worship to see what she throws in their faces constantly. they don’t call her the Whore of Babylon for no reason.

  29. UrMajestyUrBarbie says:

    UKs finest female rapper
    K I L L U M I N A T I

  30. roojole123 says:

    @apacheah69 I totally agree. The whole “illuminati” thing is whole overrated and kinda dumb.

  31. koreanmarco says:

    hey apache69, you should do your homework before stating anything.

  32. BartoBlogTube says:

    Yes, the show was a satanic ritual but Madonna was NOT dressed as baphomet.
    The show is a tribute to Inanna (Sumerian goddess) and Ishtar (Babylonian godess).

  33. apacheah69 says:

    masons dont swear to lucifer…. you people going by hear say from other idiots trying to ‘decode the real world’ have gotten shit so mixed up amongst eachother….

  34. apacheah69 says:

    @DARKNETUNDERGROUND you mean see? and fix your capslock

  35. MrDragonsouls says:

    She’s so beautiful, she could only be Satan’s daughter!



  37. bdanilorobson says:

    a beautiful worship of Astaroth, with the right-wing Owl Moloch, and the priestess of Lilith dressed as the goddess of darkness.

  38. SupersonicFame says:

    @davisfontanes You obviously don’t know anything about Egyptian mythology

  39. SupersonicFame says:

    @XxGeNuiN3xX *Choir

  40. Its the illuminati they are getting us used to it and adapting us to except lucifer. So glad I didn’t see the superbowl. Maybe I’ll stop watching baseball.

  41. kristelpulido7 says:

    beautiful eyes

  42. XxGeNuiN3xX says:

    Question… how do you know they were Christians? Anyone can dress up and sing and pretend to be apart of a quire.

  43. davisfontanes says:

    Actually her helmet was Anubis not
    Whoever you say! Google Anubis helmet or head dress or crown you will see it! Anubis always wore black and gold! And
    NO ANUBIS IS NOT SATAN HE’S an Egyptian god. Oh wait any other “pagan”
    God is considered satanic I
    Forgot **SMH** lol get a life

  44. LibertyorDeath777 says:

    Fuck that slut!  those in power dont even care to hide anymore, they just throw it in our faces. I see it EVERYWHERE now. Ron Paul or Revolt!

  45. it kills me how Cee-Lo was a part of this! he knew all about the illuminati years ago with his group the Goodie Mob. he even warned about it in their song “Cell Therapy”. so i guess he souled his soul to go solo and joined with the rituals. smh…….

  46. davisfontanes says:

    @gnt4ever Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge

  47. davisfontanes says:

    leave it to satanist to you another god for there own agenda then ruin it so the the masses christian can jump on this…WOW so sad I think your the bigger idiot than this illuminati crap LMAO

  48. davisfontanes says:

    Give me a break! you have way to much time on your hand..HAHAHAH

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